How To Choose A Competent Fire Risk Assessor

Hiring the right fire risk assessor is crucial for any business location. Knowing that you have covered all possibilities with the help of a professional, reliable assessor will help you to make sure that you have not only lowered your risk and liabilities, but that you have also given yourself peace of mind. It is important to fully research fire risk assessment services and what you should expect from them before making a decision on which one to hire. If you are looking for a fire risk assessor then I highly recommend the Fire Risk Assessment Network. The Fire Risk Assessment Network can carry out fire risk assessments all around the UK, including a fire risk assessment in Kent, which is a place I visit often.

The regulations on fire safety are changing constantly and a competent, reliable fire risk assessor will be up to date on the latest developments. It is wise to choose a well-established firm with an excellent track record and reputation so that you can be certain that they will make sure that your standards are up to scratch and will give you the best service.

When you are considering a fire risk assessment service, start by finding out which services are in your area; and make a list of them. Once you have the list, take some time to visit the website of each business to get an idea of the service they provide. It is not worth taking any chances when it comes to fire risk assessment.

The first thing to check is that the company’s website is professional, complete and up to date. These days a poor website can often be an indication of an unprofessional or neglected business. Short list those companies with professional websites. Then check the services they provide along with their qualifications and background.

You will get an idea of the type of company you would be dealing with by having a look through their website. The next step is to check for testimonials. If they have a testimonials page, have a look through it. Although it is good to get an idea of their service from these testimonials, it is of course not a completely unbiased view. All companies will only include positive feedback on their own website and will naturally leave out any negative feedback.

For this reason it is important to check elsewhere from responses from previous clients in addition to the company’s own website. Conducting a search engine search for the name of the company, along with a word like “problem” will bring up any posts on social media or forums where people are complaining about the service they received from that particular business.

If you find such feedback, it is worth remembering that there are some people who may be unreasonable, so judge each piece of feedback with this in mind. Having said that, if there are more than two complaints about the same issue with the same company, you’ll know there is probably truth in it and it would be wise to keep that in mind when making the decision of which service to go with.

It is also a good idea to post something on your own social media profiles asking if anyone has dealt with that specific company before. This is a very effective way of finding out the truth about what a business is like to deal with. Once you have narrowed your list down to those companies that have good feedback with no significant complaints, and that have an excellent reputation it is time call them.

Have a list of questions handy before you make the call so that you do not forget anything. Take notice of how long it takes them to answer their phone when you call, and how friendly and warm the person is on the other end of the phone. This will give you an idea of the service you could expect if you were to hire them.